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The Day the Earth stood still

In the movie, two landmarks are destroyed spectacularly, and to create local hype, we asked ourselves "what if this would happen in our town?"


We set out to produce geographically-relevant landmark destructions, and enlisted locally-famous news to create real-world urgency.

An elaborate production that necessitated CG-constructing the landmarks from the real blueprints, and using the film’s vfx to destroy them was the base. Specific shooting guides for the journalists to help them with the lighting, wind speed, and a guide video for their reactions were produced so that their footage could be married to their landmarks for local broadcasts. At the same time, we got local media partners lined up to maximize impact of the stunt once it was happening.


To create a global phenomenon, we combined the local spots into one global emergency spot with a generic anchor (replaceable with local talent).

The results were staggering as this digital and broadcast stunt made front page headlines all over the world (see the second video from Germany).​ 

Breaking News - The Day the Earth Stood Still
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