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Understanding social behavior before there was social media: in 2006, a year before the iphone came into existence, and social media in its infancy, we produced some groundbreaking stories, and the idea behind the content is still relevant today. By proactively reaching out to consumers on the platform that they “lived on” and creating a universe around the world of the movie they could live in, we knew that we could impact interest and willingness to champion our cause with others in new ways that did not feel like marketing.


We knew that the video game franchise was lukewarm, but that there was a young audience that started embracing watching videos on a portable device. Research showed us that some of the main characters’ unique ways of working resonated strongly with that audience, so we pitched the idea of short, 1-2 minute episodes that would look like they are straight from the film—but were exclusive for a new, untested format: the smartphone.  Shot on most of the same locations, with some of the cast, this was the first-ever content created within a film for smartphones. 

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