About us. 

Breaking the signal and creating stories that connect.

Technology has affected every industry and the way we live, including how we tell and perceive a story. We look to constantly break the expectation, the "signal." 


MG Labs is uniquely dedicated on telling stories that not only entertain but also engage the audience, establishing an intimate relationship between the brand and the customer.

We focus on telling the most compelling stories that engage deeply by leveraging an Award-winning network of Hollywood storytellers and creatives around the globe, which are brought to life by best-in-class technology.

Our four core ideas



 At the heart, we are creators. But more so, we don't create in isolation. Our creative and content always serves a purpose within the larger eco system of a universe.



We are a network of experiential pioneers, constantly asking what kind of experience will make a difference in this connected world. We know no boundaries when it comes to creating the best mix of data, technology and storytelling.



We think a lot about how the stories we tell can positively shape culture, and have the ability to uplift, connect and make the world a better place.



 Every day, we ask ourselves: "what are you going to be proud of today?" This is a guiding principle for us in creating standout content and campaigns.

Our Clients

We are grateful to have been asked to work on behalf of some of the brightest minds in the industry. Recent clients include:

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Our Contributors

Our unique network of contributors consist of award-winning creators and production entities from Hollywood and around the world, and is ever-growing and changing. Here are a few of our recent collaborators:


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